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Valuations and Advisory

Praxi Valuations and Advisory is the PRAXI Division operating in asset valuation and optimisation, organised in four Business Units: Praxi Industrial, Praxi Real Estate, Praxi Loan Valuations and Praxi Business Valuations. The Division boasts thousands of clients, including companies in the industry, banking and insurance and real estate sectors, as well as auditing firms, public bodies and courts.

Praxi Industrial

Praxi Industrial

Praxi Industrial provides appraisal and management consulting services concerning capital goods (buildings, machinery and equipment, intangibles etc.) for manufacturing groups, services companies, public utilities and public authorities.

Praxi Industrial makes available its broad range of skills to its Clients in order to plan and develop well-structured and complex projects with regard to financial statements, insurance cover, transactions support, advanced asset management systems implementation and financing etc.

Our vast experience covers all the main manufacturing and services sectors including large national and international companies and SMEs.

PRAXI’s consultancy approach ensures solutions tailored to the real needs of the Client that are planned and developed according to a highly professional, independent and objective method, which is the hallmark of our Company.

Praxi Real Estate

Praxi Real Estate: values, not numbers

Praxi Real Estate provides a full range of consultancy services to support activities concerning investors, mortgage lenders and owners of real estate assets.

The hallmark of our consultancy activities is our extensive knowledge of the national market and local realities, the sound professional skills of our experts, and our strongly oriented strategy aimed at the real needs of the Client.

PRAXI’s absolute independence from public authorities and industrial and financial groups ensures full objectivity and professional autonomy.

Praxi Real Estate operates in full compliance with the ethical and professional standards of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), applying the Red Book valuation standards.

Our vast experience encompasses all sizes and types of property (services industry, commercial, residential, industrial, tourist accommodation etc.), development areas and projects, and properties to reconvert for alternative uses.


Loan Valuations

PRAXI supports the financing process to the real estate sector through an integrated system able to cover all problems relative to determining the value of properties offered as collateral, both for setting up new financing/leasing operations and for real estate collateral already in the client's portfolio.

Thanks to our highly specialised professionals and our sophisticated IT flow management system, we are able to deal with a full range of real estate financing, from major development operations and large investments to assistance in the disbursement of mortgages/loans for retail clients, for first-time homebuyers or for minor building works.

In pursuance of international (Basel Accords) and national (Italian Banking Association - ABI - guidelines for the valuation process of real estate collateral) banking regulations, the involvement of an independent valuation expert is an essential and objective competitive advantage for banks, ensuring mortgage lenders (both business and families) a clear and objective opinion.

Thanks to PRAXI's long-established professionalism and independence, we are called on to handle particularly delicate financing operations in terms of importance, type of individuals concerned and complex scenarios involved.

Our widespread national presence and solid network of highly professional experts make PRAXI the unparelleled interlocutor throughout Italy for technical/appraisal activities to support Loan Valuation:

  • Property valuation (residential, services, commercial etc.) offered as collateral for mortgage lending
  • Valuation and Due Diligence on leased properties
  • NPL valuation (Non-Performing Loans), on acquisition of the credit portfolio and to support optimisation and divestment strategies developed by specialised Servicers.

Business Valuations

Business Valuations

Praxi Valuations and Advisory assists companies and authorities/departments in determining the value of a specific activity or economic entity (company, company division/branch, goodwill, know-how, trademark etc.), that is ascribable to the definition of business.

Business Valuation is used by market operators to determine the trading price of a business, in order to establish the value of majority or minority shares held by a partner, to settle disputes and controversies regarding the start-up, disposal or conversion of business activities.

Business Valuation regards the area of taxation and financial statements, especially for extraordinary operations (acquisitions, disposals, mergers and incorporation) and the application of regulations governing amortisation/depreciation and the revaluation of assets.

Moreover, in this area, the multidisciplinary skills of PRAXI, who numbers chartered accountants and experts among its people in safeguarding intellectual property, and the absolute independence of the Company, ensures clients accurate, objective and highly professional valuations, based on best market practices.


Success Stories

Praxi Valuations and Advisory numbers several thousand clients in the industrial, banking, insurance and real estate sectors, working for private groups and public authorities, collaborating with professionals and audit companies, and providing services for courts of law.

We were the first company in the sector to obtain Quality Certification in Italy, and currently hold UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

In this section are shown a number of success stories, illustrating the added value PRAXI brings to the very diverse market services and sectors.